LEAD TAMPA BAY is an not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to reaching out to young people in the Tampa Bay area.  It is our desire to help every young person possible to be spiritually prepared, when they graduate from high school to:
No matter where a young person is today in their faith journey, we want them to know that God loves them passionately with no strings attached.  He is crazy for them and nothing they have done or will do will ever make God love them less - or more!
No matter where a young person is today in their faith journeythey can benefit beyond their wildest hopes or imagination by joining us as we build an exciting Christian community in the Tampa Bay area. 
To help every young person possible in the Tampa Bay area to learn eight or more levels of leadership and get hands-on experience to develop their character, confidence and skills necessary to succeed while in high school and after they graduate.
Knowing that God has his hand on this generation of young people, we envision: 
  • A GROWING COMMUNITY - A growing community of extraordinary young leaders emerging who are sold out for Jesus Christ and want to serve Him with a passion.   
  • A TRANSFORMATION - A transformation taking place in the minds and hearts of the young people, their families, their schools and local communities.  
  • JESUS PRINCIPLES - Using the same principles that Jesus used in leading and teaching His disciples to be leaders who changed the world forever - to love, instruct, model and send them out to experience the thrill and excitement of God using them to touch the heart of others. 
  • DEDICATION - Pouring ourselves into young people so they will be able to pour themselves into others.   
Lead Tampa Bay's Cultivating Capable Christian Young People - Student Leadershp Conference programs are based on leadership and mentoring programs for young people developed and implemented over the past 25 years for YOUTH FOR CHRIST, TRINITY COLLEGE, PEPSICO, IBM, FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF JUVENILE JUSTICE and several other non-profit organizations.
In October 2011, Impact Tampa Bay selected Lead Tampa Bay's February 25th 2011 Student Leadership Conference as the class project for their Lifework Leadership Class of 2011-2012.  It was overwhelmingly successful.
Their sponsorship and the success of the February 25th conference has birthed a movement of God that has led Lead Tampa Bay to commit to implementing the Student Leadership Conferences twice a year in the Tampa Bay area and augmenting them with periodic praise and worship services for young people. 
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